Have you played… Medal of Honor: Rising Sun?

Home to the most powerful pistol ever devised by humankind

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Really, what I wanted to talk about was Medal of Honor: Allied Assault – one of the very greatest first-person shooters ever made, and my first ever introduction into the world of competitive online FPS games. But Graham beat me to it several years back.

So instead I’ll talk about Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, which was less notable in most respects, save for one: it featured the most ridiculously overpowered gun I’ve ever come across in any game.

That gun was the Welrod: a silenced bolt-action pistol that would kill an enemy in a single shot no matter where you shot them. You could shoot someone in the shoelace and they’d keel over with a harrowing cry, intestines presumably spilling out of their combat boots. To “balance it out”, you only had the one shot chambered, so if you didn’t hit then you’d need to reload before trying again. But my brother and I quickly realised that there was literally no reason to take any other gun, as long as you were accurate enough with your shots. It was essentially the most powerful sniper rifle in the game – and it was just an ugly little pistol.

Now, whenever we come across any gun in any game that feels overpowered, we’ll always just say “yeah, but is it as powerful as the Welrod?”

The answer will always be no.

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